Blended Learning Toolkit

A resource for designing blended learning resources

Blended Learning Toolbox

A resource for helping design blended learning teaching and learning resources

In the Spring-Summer of 2020 there has been a need to review the way that teaching and learning are packaged up by staff as we look towards September 2020 and a need to offer a more blended, resilient approach to our work.

This resource started out as my notes and thoughts on building a Blended Learning Approach and has not got to the stage where I thought it would be worth sharing.

There's a brief video explaining the background and rationale and then the toolbox can be found in the dropdown box below. There's also a feedback form so if you end up finding any of it useful please let me know.


Present a series of principles, tricks and tips that teaching staff in HE might find useful in a pivot towards more a blended learning approach.


If you look below, you'll see a list of hyperlinks that includes a number of resources that I've found useful and will most likely be using in the next academic year. There are more comprehensive lists around (See "Resource Lists" in "Further Resources") but this list is intended to be more concise and helpful in a different way because I've filtered the content to what I think are tools and techniques that I will actually use.

I aim to add content over time so check back now and then and please use the feedback form below to request new content.

Alternative Methods of using this resource

By how much time you have...

If you only have 5 mins

  • Look at the Table of Contents on the Right & see if any of the page titles seem to address any areas that you wanted to find solutions to.

If you have 30 mins

  • Spend a few minutes on each page skim reading the content and finding out what tips and tricks might be helpful

If you have longer

  • Go to one of your existing LS pages and for a given week of content that you are familiar with add a "Book".

  • Have a go at adding your existing content in to that Book. Review the content in this toolbox and think about how you could use some of it to improve your Book.

  • Have a go at something new.

By ability/experience/confidence/competence...

If you would describe yourself as someone with less ability than average among your peers

  • Have a go at setting up a Book in LS. Think about how you might break down and present content on each page.

  • Have a go at Embedding slides (Powerpoint and/or google) and video (Panopto and/or YouTube)

If you would describe your abilities as average among your peers

  • Have a go at making some interactive resources using H5P

  • Embed a screencast recorded lecture on a page in a LearningSpace Book

If you would describe yourself as very confident and that you've tried most of these tools before

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