Using website & blogs as a form of assessment

Post date: 09-Jun-2016 19:53:16

Today at the annual Marjon Teaching & Learning Conference I presented my work on the use of websites and blogs as a form of assessment. Over the last three years or so I've worked with colleagues to embed the key digital skills needed in this task into two undergrad modules, one in the second year and one the third year.My experience of producing several websites for use in my own practice, with (clearly) minimal technical skills has given me the motivation and confidence to support students in the use of freely available, basic website production software that has the potential to be used for a range of professional purposes in their post-University lives. The task requires the students to write for an audience and a purpose other than they would for an assignment, to consider what it means to be part of a wider network and to manage their own online identities, all of which are key digital skills.

The slides from my presentation can be found below in addition to a few useful links.

Recent Digital literacy initiatives in HE

HEA’s Digital literacies in the disciplines project

HEFCE’s Changing the learning landscape programme

JISC's Developing digital literacies e-learning programme

Samples of professional blogs in a range of fields

The criteria for inclusion here is "blogs I could find quickly via google". They have required a range of technical skills but most look quite achievable by first-timers with minimal skills and experience.


Social Work


Strength Training


Tools that could be used in this task

The first three are freely available online, the last is to be used through our institution and free to the student.

Wordpress - set up your blog in 5 steps




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9th June, 2016