Academic & Study Skills

Key Academic Skills

Recommended Textbooks

  • Penn, P. (2019). The psychology of effective studying: How to succeed in your degree. Routledge.

Academic Writing

Resources on this website

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Useful Academic Software/Tools


My slides on using APA
Full Marjon Guidance on using APA
How to use Mendeley for referencing
My video on 4 methods of making referencing easier

Critiquing Published Work

Statistical Analysis

Improving Thinking Skills

Graphical Design for Academic Work

Research using Electronic Resources

More Resources

  • For more links to study skill information, go to the Weblinks page labelled "Study Skills"

  • University of Leicester - A wealth of tips and information on producing coursework at HE level

  • The Higher Education Academy - A guide to study skills resources [click here for pdf]

  • skills4study - A resource site from the publisher PalgraveMacmillan. [click here for link]

  • Plagiarism - Terry and Belinda

Using Social Media

  • Digital Literacy attributes of a science student - from University of Bath [pdf]

  • Using Twitter for networking and CPD [click here]

  • Personal Learning Networks [click here]

  • LSE Guide - Using twitter in University research, teaching and impact activities [click here]

  • Minocha, S. and Petre, M. (2011) Handbook of social media for researchers and supervisors: Digital technologies for research dialogues. Open University [fulltext]

  • Quintana, D.S. (2020). Twitter for Scientists [eBook edition]. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3707741

  • 10 habits of a great tweeter [click here]

  • Academic blogging for beginners - by Dr Inger Mewburn [click here]

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