Women and Sports Performance

Research studies in sports science and sports medicine have historically focused more on male athletes than female athletes and this underrepresentation of women in research studies raises concerns about the generalisability of findings to female athletes.

This lack of comprehensive understanding hinders the development of targeted interventions and recommendations for female athletes.

The resources on this page are designed to provide an introduction to the topic of women and sports performance with a particular focus on the scientific evidence base. 

Critical Questions to Consider

Recommended Reading 

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Supplementary Reading

The Guardian (10 Feb, 2024) ‘It felt like somebody had hit a hammer through my knee’: the crisis of ACL injuries in women’s football https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2024/feb/10/it-felt-like-somebody-had-hit-a-hammer-through-my-knee-the-crisis-of-acl-injuries-in-womens-football

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