Researcher – Physical Activity, Exercise, and Health

Post date: 07-May-2015 14:32:05

Placed on:


8th April 2015

8th June 2015

Employer: UKActive

Reporting To: Research Director


Established in 2010, the ukactive Research Institute aims to bridge the evidence gap between traditional laboratory based ‘exercise is medicine’ research and real world interventions.

ukactive are seeking a skilled and motivated individual to support the development of the ukactive Research Institute through the management and delivery of original research and wider evaluation services.


To manage the delivery of research and evaluation services, including but not limited to:

  • The collection, collation, and analysis of data
  • The planning, development, and writing of reports
  • The monitoring and maintenance of relationships with key clients

To engage with partner organisations in order to:

  • Identify research opportunities in relation to physical activity and health
  • Secure research funding to further investigate physical activity and health

To engage with the wider physical activity sector, including practitioners, operators, researchers and policymakers in order to:

  • Encourage best practice in the capture, management and dissemination of data
  • Exploit opportunities that might facilitate greater public and policymaker confidence in physical activity interventions

Contribute to the wider work of ukactive and the ukactive Research Institute through:

  • The monitoring of published research, government papers and reports, and other related documents and materials that relate to the interests of ukactive, its stakeholders, and its partner organisations, and/or which might present opportunities for research and/or business development
  • The active supporting of ukactive campaigns, business development functions and communications
  • The delivery of research and evaluation plans that meet the expectations of all partners and stakeholders

Person Specification

  • A PhD in a discipline related to physical activity and health is desirable.
  • A Bachelor of Science degree at 2:1 or above is essential, although in the absence of a Master’s degree or PhD an applicant would be expected to demonstrate exceptional achievement at undergraduate level in relation to research and knowledge pertinent to the role.
  • It is essential that the candidate have experience and understanding of the health and physical activity sectors, be proficient with data reporting and presentation software, and have a proven ability to co-ordinate and manage large research projects.
  • Desirable attributes include a proficiency and/or understanding in one or more of the following areas; economics, politics, policy, and skills.


Please submit CV and Cover Letter to

Dr Steven Mann - 02074008621