There are many referencing styles that have been adopted by institutions and journals and while there are differences between many of them, there are also many common requirements across all styles. 

My University uses the APA style and below are some resources that I have helped develop to support student's academic development work. 

For more support on using the APA style at Marjon click here

A recorded lecture explaining referencing with particular reference to the APA (v7) style 

Google Slide set outlining the APA style 

APA 7th Shared copy of Marjon APA Referencing Sept 2020

A short video outlining 4 methods for referencing more effectively

A video on the benefits of Mendeley

A video on using Zotero

A Quick Guide to APA - One side of A4 to print off and have as a quick reference

Click here to view a pdf version

The full Institutional Guidance

Click here to access it via the Marjon website

More Referencing Links

My personal approach to referencing:

I've been using referencing in my writing for many years and just a relevant is that I have been teaching referencing for just as long. While there is often much focus on what the referencing looks like, there is often limited discussion of how experienced academics actually do their referencing. 

Firstly, there is no single correct way of doing it, people tend to find their own workflows, both in terms of the process and in terms of the technology that is used. 

I use Zotero (but Mendeley is also good) to manage my citations. 

I also use Google scholar and whenever I find something slightly interesting I copy and paste the full reference onto a Google Doc (the same one I am working in). That is the first thing I do so that I will never lose track of it. 

Sometimes, when I want to tidy up a half finished draft, I start a new blank document, sketch out an essay plan, then drop in the best text I have in the best place. If I haven’t already started using Zotero, I might then convert all citations to Zotero one’s as that will manage the inclusion/exclusion of citations in the final reference list (ie only have those mentioned and nothing else)