L2 Gym Instructor Course

Recommended Papers

Jones, A. M. (2006) The physiology of the world record holder for the women's marathon. International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching Vol.1, 101-116 [full text]

Robergs, R.A. and Landwehr, R. (2002) The surprising history of the “HRmax=220-age” equation JEPonline. 5(2):1-10 https://www.asep.org/asep/asep/Robergs2.pdf

CIMSPA Gym Practical Briefing

CIMSPA GYM practical assessment briefing.docx

Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaires

It's essential that you have pre-screened your client so that they are able to exercise. There is not a compulsory form to use and you can find/make your own if it is something you would like to do. The gold standard questions however, are to be found on the CSEP Get Active Questionnaire (formerly PARQ)

The CSEP Get Active Resources - https://csep.ca/2021/01/20/pre-screening-for-physical-activity/#

Gym Programme Card/Session Plan

Gym Programme Card.docx

Gym Instructor Assessment Criteria

CIMSPA Practical Assessment paperwork 20XX.docx