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Embedding External Tools in Moodle

What is an embed?

An embedded item is something that is generated in one place online and then "embedded" elsewhere. In this case, created outside Moodle but then embedded in a page.

Why embed?

Embedding resources makes them more visible to the viewer and brings more attention to the fact that these are resources that need engaging with.

As a point of principle it's much better to have an image or resource visible on the page rather than including a link or URL within the text. This can be done by using images of the item to be visited or even better, embedding something that is active and engaging.

How to embed?

First you need to get an embed code and this will depend on what you're trying to embed. Visit the original site (YouTube, Google Docs/Slides, a website) and see if it has an embed code to grab.

See the following sub-sections of this resource for more detail on specific tools.

Embedding on your Moodle module page

  1. Go to your module page and Turn editing on
  2. Go to the Moodle element where you would like to embed something (i.e. Book, Page, Lesson, Label etc)
  3. Where you can add text, click the HTML source editor icon, "<>"
  4. Paste the embed code and click update
  5. Click Save and return to course

How to Embed a Microsoft Form into a page

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