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Whiteboard Apps & Tools

  • A collaborative space for sharing ideas
  • A URL to share for collaboration
  • Write, draw, images, diagrams

What I really wanted was a whiteboard tool that is easy to share, easy to edit and then crucially I wanted to be able to embed it on a Page so that viewers can see the content without having to click anything and I also wanted more than 3 canvases (a common restriction in a number of tools).

Below you can see a number of tools that I've tried, many of which are excellent in their own ways and all of which are worth trying and using. The only tool that currently seems to meet all my requirements though is the use of GoogleSlides at the bottom of the page.

Whiteboard software/apps

AWW Board:

Web Whiteboard:

Miro: (free, but signup required. Good tools)



MS Whiteboard

Integrated with MS Teams. Sticky notes, shared use. Unsure of how good it is for embedding in Moodle.


Miro is the online collaborative whiteboarding platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

With Miro you can take advantage of a full set of collaboration capabilities, including video, chat, presentation, and sharing, to make cross-functional teamwork effortless and collaboration easier.

What is Miro?

Using Miro in MS Teams


Limited number of canvases for free but embeddable and great to use


free trial, paid for full use.


Review: Embeds really nicely not sure about how quickly it updates though. 5 spaces on the free account. Private sharing of collaboration URL requires an upgrade, not good. Can invite by email though.


Google Slides

After playing around with some of the functions on a number of tools I had the genius idea of just making my own in Google Slides. You can have a go below.

Click here to force download your own version of the Google Slides below

Practice Shared Space