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Increasing Engagement with Moodle Tools

Moodle offers a range of tools for increasing engagement with learning.

The big advantage of using one of the Moodle activities is that tutors can track completion and review responses within Moodle. Grades can even be generated which could be used as formative or even summative assessments.

The disadvantage of using LS tools is that they do not embed easily within a book however there is a workaround below.

Using LS engagement tools within a Page or Book

These tools cannot be embedded in a Book but can be linked to from within the book and feel quite integrated because of that. Open link in new tab and the students stays in the Book in the original tab. Maybe use an image e.g. Quiz! and hyperlink from that image.

Examples of Moodle Engagement Tools

Feedback Tool

The Feedback activity allows you to create and conduct surveys to collect feedback. Unlike the Survey tool it allows you to write your own questions, rather than choose from a list of pre-written questions and unlike the Quiz tool, you can create non-graded questions.

A feedback activity has been set up to be used on the last page of this LearningSpace Book. It can be viewed by clicking here.


The Quiz is a very powerful activity that can meet many teaching needs, from simple, multiple-choice knowledge tests to complex, self-assessment tasks with detailed feedback.

Click the image or this link to find out more about the Quiz option


The Moodle Questionnaire module allows you to survey Moodle course participants. It allows teachers to create a wide range of questions to get student feedback e.g. on a course or activities. The goals of the Questionnaire module are quite different from those of the Moodle Lesson or Quiz modules. With Questionnaire you do not test or assess the student, you gather data.


Workshop is a powerful peer assessment activity. Students submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other students which they must assess according to the teacher's specifications. (They may also assess their own work if the teacher requests this.) Text may be typed directly into Moodle's editor, or files of any type may be uploaded, as long as others have the software to view them. See Using Workshop for details of the phases involved. The teacher can decide whether to show or hide the identities of the students to each other when assessing is taking place.

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Further Resources

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