Writing Lab Reports: study skills resource update

Post date: 30-Jul-2013 21:36:19

Summer is here and as well as visiting the beach as much as possible and trying to round up everything a family needs for a camping trip with two small toddlers I am trying to update my resource pages for next years intake of students. One set of resources that I have been meaning to update for a while have been my lab report guidelines and with an excellent book recently out on the topic and a bit of time on my hands I have just put together a page on "Writing lab reports" that is complemented by an update to the list of equipment available in our sport and exercise science lab at the University of St Mark & St John, Plymouth.

In addition to my own page on this topic I would recommend the following two excellent resources that give more detail and suggestions for good practice. At around £15-17, the book by Mike Price of Coventry University is an excellent purchase for any students starting Sport & Exercise Science degrees this Autumn.

Field, A. (2012) Writing up Research [available online at: http://www.statisticshell.com/docs/writinglabreports.pdf]

Price, M. (2013) Lab Reports and Projects in Sport and Exercise Science. Harlow: Pearson [bookfinder.com]