UCP Marjon Ipad Club...PE Geeks in HE

Post date: 14-Nov-2012 20:41:01

Today saw the inaugural geeks coffee morning at UCP Marjon where a few lone pioneers met to swap apps, drink Jamie's tea and eat malted milk biscuits...I imagine it was reminiscent of silicone valley some years ago. As this might well be the first of a number of meetings I thought it would be worthwhile to record some of the top tips that were shared on the day so others may benefit from our experience (and we might avoid covering the same ground again next time). So here is my version of our meeting.

Attendees: Ben Jane, Stuart Taylor (@UCPMarjonPACE), Kelvin Kirk, Gareth Long (@soccer-IQ), Ian Stonebridge (@ianstonebridge), Helen Heywood (@skillsacademic), Jamie Oxley

Video Analysis Apps

Ubersense - slomo, draw, compare, share

CoachMyVideo - slomo, draw, compare, share

Coach's Eye - slomo, draw, compare, share

Video in Video - Show a small frame movie within a different movie's big screen

BaM Video Delay - set the time delay for a continual video feed. Great for static camera discrete skill feedback.

Productivity Apps

Dropbox - essential for transferring files; do away with USB keys

Evernote - use across devices, links to many other apps

Pocket/Instapaper - great for those long articles that you dont have time for or cant read on your phone. Works across devices too.

CloudOn - introduced by @skillsacademic. Why have I not seen this before??? Create and edit microsoft word, excel documents


AppShopper - watch apps to see if they change in price

Appsgonefree - get daily updates of apps that are free for a short period of time

www.thepegeek.com - Jarrod Robinson's site is a fantastic way of keeping up to date with apps and how to use them in the classroom

Teaching Apps

Socrative - polling software for the classroom. iOS and android compatibility

Aurasma - hover your camera over a real object and it can use it like a QR code

StudyBlue - set up and share flashcards with students

Storyboards - create animated storyboards using your photos and a range of characters from the app

HE Research Apps

EBSCOhost - log-in whilst logged onto the library and you can have continued access to journals from your ipad

Mendeley - not as good as the desktop pc version but a very useful addition that enables you to read your files on the ipad

neu.Annotate+ - review and annotate pdfs. import & export to other apps

Next meeting... 19th December, 2012...further updates will be provided.