New video resource: How to make referencing easier

Post date: 29-Nov-2017 15:35:50

I regularly find myself talking to students about the process of finding and presenting suitable citations in a piece of coursework for submission.

Students must first grasp an understanding of the importance of referencing in academic work in general and then know the requirements of any particular institutional style. There are however, many students that seem to get stuck around this stage and continue to use labour intensive methods of including a citation within the text or the full reference at the end of the work.

This short (4 min) video outline two methods that I personally use when I am preparing lectures or writing articles. The first method makes use of the cite function in Google Scholar and the second method makes use of Mendeley and the Word citation plugin that is available.

Crucially, neither method requires me to type out every detail in the reference. If you are a student and are still typing out every aspect of the source's details for every reference then you should watch this video.