New Resource: Exercise Programming

Post date: 13-Jun-2017 13:56:11

Across all three years of undergraduate study I work with students that need to develop their ability to write effective exercise programmes. For some, it's about working with high-performance athletes and producing a detailed yearly plan and for others they might be working with a client that's interested in going to the gym or exercising at home to stay fit for life in general.

Either way, those inexperienced with writing programmes often find it difficult to know where to start, what to include and how to balance variety and interest with consistency and focus.

All too often, we find that students get a number of the basics wrong and for many, even the initial presentation and organisation is not conducive to producing anything of a particularly high standard. Many beginner programmes are over-complicating, and as Mike Boyle so eloquently put it in his latest book, too many people are trying to think outside the box before mastering the box itself.

In order to try and support this stage of professional development, and along with Ben Anniss, a colleague of mine, we've put together this resources page that includes several planning templates, a number of key papers that should help with the underpinning theories of planning and links to relevant pages on my website.

Please let me know if you find it useful.

Link to Exercise Programming Resource Page