New Resource: Chronic Exercise-Induced Cardio-Respiratory Adaptations

Post date: 30-Jun-2017 12:28:37

Anyone interested in improving performance, whether it be for sport or for general everyday living, should take an interest in the underlying factors that limit performance and the potential that these factors have for improvement.

Why the need for understanding the physiological adaptations?

An understanding of how various aspects of our physiology adapt when placed under conditions of stress can allow a coach or exercise professional to construct an exercise programme that will create the right level of stress and overload to elicit positive adaptations and improve fitness yet limit subsequent levels of unwanted fatigue.

There are lots of good exercise physiology textbooks that cover this topic however they aren't available to everyone and vary in the levels of ease with which they communicate the subject knowledge. After teaching on a number of courses where I thought student's levels of understanding could be improved I've put this resource page together. It's been produced in a way that I hope is accessible to those who just need key exercise physiology knowledge yet also contains content that can extend and support more advanced students.

The full resource page can be accessed at