New Resource: Better Paragraphs = Better Grades

Post date: 29-Nov-2017 13:56:21

Recently, I've found myself having many conversations with students that are in essence, me advising them on how to write better paragraphs. We tend to discuss the topic in hand and I try to highlight areas and issues that might constitute critical analysis, but much of the conversation is about the structure and flow of a good quality paragraph.

Too many paragraphs that I read in submitted work fail to deliver the full potential of the student's knowledge and understanding. Sometimes they are too short and fail to fully explore a concept, sometimes they are too long and waffley and lose focus at some point. Whether short or overly long, they often lack clarity and purpose and are more a series of almost related sentences rather than a mini-essay with a start, a middle and an end as they should be.

After having many such conversations with students of all stages, including both undergraduates and postgraduates, I decide to write out the advice that I have found myself repeating so often. In the following link, readers will find advice on how to structure academic paragraphs, tasks to help develop academic writing skills and further links and resources on related topics.

The full resource can be found here