Contemporary Issues in Exercise, Nutrition and Health

Post date: 18-Aug-2015 08:25:14

Completing a review for a textbook proposal, I was asked to identify any contemporary issues in the area of physical activity and health. This is the list that I came up with. If you can think of any obvious ones I left off then let me know @benjanefitness

  • Inactivity levels as a separate issue from Activity levels
  • The Physical Activity v Nutrition argument (Blair et al)
  • Low Carb v Low calories (Noakes et al)
  • Fad diets
  • Exercise guideline debates (generic guidelines versus condition specific)
  • Technology (for research and for individual behaviour change support)
  • Individual responsibility for behaviour versus an ecological, systems-wide approach
  • Translational Research (lots of evidence around benefits of exercise, but limited translation to behaviour and policy)
  • Intervention Research (a more mature appreciation of the problems of researching interventions to a standard that might influence policy and funding decisions)