Digital Curation in Health, Exercise and Education

Post date: 04-Sep-2013 12:09:56

How to discover articles, and then collate them and publish a magazine of online content

We live in an information rich environment and the skill of sifting through material to find relevant, trustworthy information has never been so important.

When browsing through social media or surfing the internet I am an avid user of Pocket. This enables me to select articles that can be read later on my choice of device and to assign the articles with relevant tags allowing me to focus on one topic at a time when reading.

When using the tag option I have often thought that it would be useful to share a collection of articles that I have created, but pocket doesn’t seem to allow for this feature. This led me to look into alternative software for digital curation and following a tweeted request, I received some great ideas from a number of contributors (see below).

I think these web tools and apps could be really useful in producing content that could be shared with the clients I work with in a health & fitness setting and for designing tasks and resources for students I work with in Higher Education.

Discovering content

Some of these tools will also publish and many of the publishing tools mentioned below will also discover content.




Collating and publishing

Once you have found your content there are a range of tools that will package them up and allow you to share them via URLs, email or social media.

Flipboard - as an established flipboard user this was the tool I chose for first attempt at curation


pearltrees - a mind-map approach, really easy to use, collaborate, share, include URLs for pdfs. See below for example.






Potential Uses

Working with health & fitness clients

    • Create a magazine on a particular topic (e.g. healthy eating, back pain, diabetes). Share it with your clients.
    • Use software with a collaborative function to allow a number of clients to produce their own magazine on a topic.
    • Produce a monthly magazine on health & fitness by collecting articles as you find them.


    • Create a magazine on a topic area that your students will be covering soon.
    • For a student task, ask individuals or groups to collate relevant articles on a topic that has been covered. Credit can be given for the quality of articles included.
    • For advanced students, the task above can be extended with the inclusion of one article written by the student themselves. This can be achieved with the additional help of blogging software.
    • Content can be collected up from tweets generated by teachers or students and assigned module code hashtags

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Thanks to...

This article was inspired by a tweeted request for help with curation tools. Thanks should go to @drjaneholland, @Hypsibius, @TeamTait, @Mat6453 and @jisc for being interested enough to re-tweet or reply to my request.