This is a list of topics to be covered in the coming months...

  • physical activity for cancer survivors
  • Resistance training for older people
  • Health(y) Critique...books to read over the summer inc a link to edutait page
  • is physical activity dangerous for cancer survivors
  • barriers to raising activity levels in cancer survivors
  • how to be successful when planning an intervention to engage cancer survivors
  • Intermittent fasting
  • unilateral v bilateral resistance training
  • physical activity for health
  • producing better coursework
  • HIIT Training for health
  • Creatine...why is it not banned...body only needs so much...thanks JL
  • Core activation in bilateral v unilateral exercise...core activation in many exercises
  • how to use social media in HE
  • thoughts on conference...disruptive v stability
  • should I ride my bike to work...intensity, helmets, etc
  • protein