Devon Coaching Conference 2012

On April 29th, 2012 the Devon Coaching Conference returned to UCP Marjon and as part of the day I took takng a session entitled "Advanced Resistance Training". For sessions like this I tend to cram in as much content as possible across a broad area. As a participant I like to feel as though I am getting my monies worth and as a tutor I go along the lines of "if I throw enough mud at a wall then enough will eventually stick". The downside of this is that there are often questions remaining and terms that are thrown around that might not be fully explained in the session.

For this reason I have put together this page to help fill in the gaps. If you have any other questions then please contact me on and I will try to help out.

  • The handout is attached at the bottom of the page and it includes a number of links to pages on this site that are full of reading and further links on a number of topics.
  • Topics covered on the day.
    • Core Stability - anatomy, training methods, suspension training, kettlebells, suspenstion training
    • The Olympic lifts (plus more) - hang pulls, rear foot eleveated single leg squat, single leg power clean
    • Using technology to coach - Fitrodyne, excelade on the ipad.

Handouts given out in session

    • Gamble, P. (2007) An Integrated Approach to Training Core Stability, Strength & Conditioning Journal 29(1): 58–68 [full text]
    • Haff, G. G., Cscs, D., Hobbs, R. T., Haff, E. E., Sands, W. A., Pierce, K. C., & Stone, M. H. (2008). Cluster Training: A Novel Method for Introducing Training Program Variation. Strength and Conditioning Journal, (9), 67-76.[full text]