Exercise Referral Conference

Post date: 15-May-2012 14:09:44

Date: 9th October, 2012

Location: Birmingham

Cost: £49.50

The topics being presented at the conference will include:

  • The Way Forward – The FIA, Fitness Industry Association
  • The New Standards for Exercise Referral
  • Successful Exercise Referral Partnerships and Case Studies
  • The role of Exercise in Cancer Rehabilitation
  • The role of Exercise in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Preventative Medicine for Fitness Professionals
  • New CPD Courses
  • Government Benefits for Exercise Referral, Obesity & Diabetes
  • THERA-BAND – BUPA – WRIGHT Foundation – OOMPH – The Gold Standard for the Elderly
  • The New Commissioning – All your need to know
  • At last - Drums Alive is now available for the UK

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