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60 apps in 60 minutes www.prezi.com an amazing effort of explaining loads of apps on a prezi 
Add a twitter account to a Powerpoint presentation http://socialmediatoday.com/lizgross144 Jazz up presentations with a twitter feed. How about adding one to prezi as well? 
Coaching Ideas www.flippedcoach.com The original site for the flipped coach 
Concept linkage http://www.conceptlinkage.org/ Link resources together and form a concept map 
Digital literacy www.jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com Resources for HE staff to help develop digital literacy in students 
Interactive ideas http://web2practice.jiscinvolve.org/ A JISC project on how to incorporate emergent technologies into teaching practice 
Interactive ideas http://saksena.net/partygames/bingo/ A free bingo sheet maker. Use numbers or indert your own words. 
Interactive ideas www.amazon.co.uk 101 classroom games. Long, Grout & Taylor (2001) 
Interactive ideas http://www.vital.ac.uk/ A CPD website for developing ICT in Schools 
Interactive Ideas http://mrrobbo.wordpress.com/ The self confessed PE Geek describes ways of including ICT in PE 
Interactive Ideas http://theanswerpad.com/ Interactive technology 
Interactive Ideas http://www.brite.ac.uk/ Inclusiveness in ICT & education 
Interactive Ideas http://classroom-aid.com 44 ways to use smartphones in the classroom 
Interactive Ideas http://blog.lynda.com How to share a google doc with someone that is not a google registered user 
Interactive Ideas www.m-learning.org ideas for using mobile phone technology in education 
Interactive Ideas www.businessballs.com Team building, innovation, idea generation, idea selection activities  
Interactive Ideas http://www.codeforexcelandoutlook.com/blog/2009/03/bingo-number-generator/ A radom bingo number generator 
Note taking  http://www.evernote.com/ Note taking software that works across a number of platforms 
Plagiarism Checker http://www.dustball.com/cs/plagiarism.checker/ Cut and paste the text and it will let you know which bits have been borrowed from elsewhere 
production software http://www.javascriptsandmore.com Infographics production software 
Production software http://prezi.com/ Prezi is a means of producing interesting and interactive presentations 
Production Software www.joomag.com Turn pdfs into an online magazine with the option of inlaying youtube videos 
Production Software www.wordle.net Make a Wordle from text that you cut and paste into this website 
Resource finder www.google.com/support/alerts Using Google alerts effectively will let you know when any new resources appear on the Google radar 
Resource Finder www.the-aps.org The American Physiological Society links to teaching resources 
Resource Finder http://www.wisc-online.com/ListObjects.aspx An RLO repository 
Resource Finder http://www.interactiveclock.com/countdown-clocks.php A number of "Countdown" clocks to use with groups 
Resource Finder www.intute.ac.uk/ A project that aims to help find the best websites for study and research 
Resources www.glogster.com/ Design interactive posters 
Slide Ideas http://www.slideshare.net/mattcornock nice looking slides on how to use google docs 
Teaching Ideas www.youtube.com A youtube video explaining how to embed a Youtube video in a powerpoint presentation 
Teaching in Higher Education http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/EvidenceNet/home EvidenceNet. A site linking to research and evidence for good practice in HE teaching 
Teaching in Higher Education http://tip.psychology.org/ Explorations in Learning & Instruction: The Theory Into Practice Database  
Teaching in Higher Education  http://www.infed.org/biblio/b-learn.htm Smith, M. K. (1999) 'Learning theory', the encyclopedia of informal education, www.infed.org/biblio/b-learn.htm, Last update: September 03, 2009 
Teaching in Higher Education https://crm.lsnlearning.org.uk/user/order.aspx?code=041543 Coffield, F., Moseley, D., Hall, E., Ecclestone, K. (2004). Learning styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning. A systematic and critical review. London: Learning and Skills Research Centre.  
Teaching in Higher Education http://media.routledgeweb.com/pdf/seriesinfo/how_to_learn.pdf A document outlining some of the major theories on how students learn 
Teaching in Higher Education www.learningandteaching.info A wealth of information on learning theories  
Teaching In Higher Education www.heacademy.ac.uk/hlst/home The home of the subject specific section of the HEA 
Teaching PE http://cw.routledge.com/textbooks/0415361117/resources/observation.asp A companion website for Capel, S. Teaching PE 
Team Building Activities www.teampedia.net A resource that outlines a number of team building activities 
Technology in Education www.flatclassroomproject.org The Flatclassroom Project looks to join classrooms together across the world 
technology in higher education www.slideshare.com How HE students use mobile devices 
Technology in Higher Education www.teachthought.com includes some great links to other resources 
Technology in Higher Education http://www2.plymouth.ac.uk/distancelearning/ Some papers on distance learning and wikis 
Technology in Higher Education www.heacademy.ac.uk Transforming HE through technology enhanced learning 
Technology in Higher Education www.podcastingforlearning.com  Does what it says on the tin 
Technology in Higher Education www.wikispaces.com/ wikispaces offers the chance to create your own wiki 
Technology in Higher Education http://www.profetic.org/dossiers/spip.php?rubrique110 An article on the pedagogy of wikis 
Technology in Higher Education Youtube The PEGeek Mr Robbo explains how to build an app for education 
Technology in Higher Education www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk The Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning with specific interest in Reusable Learning Objects. 
Technology In higher Education www.books.google.co.uk Harman, K., & Koohang, A. (Eds.). (2007). Learning Objects: Applications, Implications, & Future Directions. Santa Rosa, CA: Informing Science Press. 
Technology in teaching www.learninginhand.com four student response systems 
Web Design www.youtube.com A video that outlines how to add a DISQUS comments box to a google site 
Website management http://www.steegle.com/websites/google-sites-help lots of FAQs and how-tos for google sites 
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