Blog Support

In assessing a number of modules colleagues and I ask students to produce a piece of work that can be hosted on a professional website. This could be a short written essay, a video of them leading a practical or maybe a video clip of a presentation with a voiceover. 

In doing this we hope to challenge the students in producing work that will be of use beyond the constraints of academia and over the course of their undergraduate studies we hope to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to have a professional online presence as they progress in their careers.

On this page I've collated resources that could be of use in getting to grips with the technology, producing the site itself and then maximising it's potential. 

Examples of professional blogs/websites

Dr Graeme Close - Professor of Human Physiology at LJMU
Martin Gibala - HIIT training - 
The Science of Sport - Ross Tucker and Jonathon Dugas
ACE Expert Blogs - a wide range of topics that could be linked to directly or be an inspiration for your own writing
Tony Gentilcore - An S & C Coach - A good sports therapy website
Science For Sport - a resource website with articles and podcasts
Catalyst Athletics - An S&C site with lots of good articles and videos
Active Choices - a site we created to help support out activity clinics

Examples of good academic blog articles

More examples of potential content (on