Strength & Conditioning

Initial Assessment
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Resistance Training Programme Design
See the attachments below for a number of key guidelines for developing a training programme
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Modes of Training
There are many different methods of overloading the musculoskeletal system and the relative usefulness of each method has been the focus of much research (Stone et al, 2000). The links below contain further information on each of the following modes of training.
  • Olympic-style Lifts - Click here for more
  • Squats and Deadlifts- Click here for more
  • Suspension Training - Click here for more
  • Plyometric Training - Click here for more
  • Complex Training - Click here for more
  • Ballistic Resistance Training - Click here for more
  • Agility and Speed Training - Click here for more
  • Core Stability Training - Click here for more
  • Circuit Training - Click here for more
  • Vibration Exercise- Click here for more
  • Kettlebell Training - Click here for more
  • Implement Training - Click here for more
S&C for specific sports
Further Links
History of Strength & Conditioning
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Fitness Instruction
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The metabolic cost of resistance training
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