Sport Science Laboratory

This page details most of the equipment that is available in the Sports Science Lab at The University of St Mark & St John. The make and model of each piece of equipment is listed and there are a number of links to supporting documents or websites, either external to this website or within it.

Useful Links

Sport & Exercise Lab LearningSpace Page - Contains an up to date list of equipment
Useful Reading

  • Eston, R. & Reilly, T. (Ed.) (2009). Kinanthropometry and exercise physiology laboratory manual. Vol. 2: Anthropometry. (3rd Ed). London, Routledge 
  • Eston, R. & Reilly, T. (Ed.) (2009). Kinanthropometry and exercise physiology laboratory manual. Vol. 2: Physiology. (3rd Ed). London, Routledge 
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  • The Wellcome Trust (2010) Physiology Experiments: An audit of current physiology experiments used in Universities, Science Centres and Museums [full text]
  • ...or follow this link for advice on how to write a lab report 

Physiology Equipment

Respiratory Gas Analysers

Cortex Metalyser 3B, Cortex, Leipzig, Germany 
Cortex Metalyser 3B User Guide 
Related: Metasoft v. software Triple V Turbine. 

Quark b2, COSMED Srl – Rome, Italy
Related: Cosmed Software 9.1a 

K4 b2, COSMED Srl – Rome, Italy


Kayak Ergometer, Weba Sport, Vienna, Austria
Website - Weba 

Lode Excalibur Sport V2 electrically-braked cycle ergometer, Lode BV, Groningen, The Netherlands.
Website - Lode 

Monark 894 E friction-braked cycle ergometer, Monark Exercise AB, Vansbro, Sweden.
User Manual 

Monark 827 E Cardio Care friction-braked cycle ergometer, Monark Exercise AB, Vansbro, Sweden
User Manual 

Monark 824 E friction-braked cycle ergometer, Monark Exercise AB, Vansbro, Sweden
User Manual 
Website - Monark 

Monark 881E friction braked hand rehab trainer, Monark Exercise AB, Vansbro, Sweden.

Vasa Swim Trainer, Vasa, Vermont, USA
Website - Vasa 

Woodway PPS 70 Sport-I Slat-belt treadmill, Woodway GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Woodway Desmo HP, Woodway GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany

Woodway Force 3.0, Woodway GmbH, Weil am Rhein, Germany
Website - Woodway 

Blood Analysis

Laboratory based Glucose and L-Lactate Analyser: YSI 2300 Stat Plus, YSI, Ohio, USA 
Website - YSI Instruments 

Field based Glucose and Cholesterol Analyser: CardioChek P·A, Polymer Technology Systems, Inc., Indianapolis, USA
User Manual 

Field based Lactate Analyser: Lactate Pro, Arkray Factory, Inc., Shiga, Japan
User Manual 

B-Hemoglobin photometer, Hemocue AB, Angelholm, Sweden.


Osmochek, Vitech Scientific Ltd, West Sussex, UK
Website – Sport-Science 

Specific Gravity

Pen-Urine S.G., Atago Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan 
Website - Atago Co., Ltd 


Micro Spirometer, Micro Medical Limited, Kent, UK 
Website - Micro Medical 

Body Composition

(follow this link for more on body composition) 

Bod Pod Gold Standard, Life measurement, Inc., California, USA
Website - Life Measurement, Inc. BOD POD 
Air displacement Plethysmography - follow this link for more

Tanita Multi-Frequency Body Composition Analyser MC-180MA, Tanita Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
User Manual 

Tanita Innerscan BC-545, Segmental Body Composition Analyser, Tanita Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Omron Body Fat Monitor (hand to hand BIA) BF 306, Omron Medizintechnik, Mannheim, Germany
User Manual 

Bodystat 1500 Sports BIA, Bodystat, Douglas, Isle of Man, UK
Website - Bodystat 

Harpenden Skinfold Calipers, Harpenden, West Sussex, UK 


Lifepulse 15A, HME Limited, Hertfordshire, UK 


RT3, Stayhealthy, Inc., California, USA. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

Polar heart rate monitor, Polar Electro, Finland
Website - Polar Electro UK 

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Boso Medicus Prestige, Bosch + Sohn GmbH u. Co. KG, Jungingen, Germany
Website - Boso 

Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, MX2 Basic, Omron, Kyoto, Japan.


TP3001 Digital Thermometer, Japan

Core Check Aural Thermometer, Alaris Medical Systems, San Diego, USA

Thermoscan 6022 Aural Thermometer, Braun, Germany

Scales and Stadiometers

Seca Medical Scales and Measuring Systems, Birmingham, UK
User Manual 

Excell Weight Counting Scale, Excell Precision Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Functional Movement Screens

Functional Movement Screen Test Kit, Functional Movement Systems, Virginia, USA

Y-Balance Test Kit, Functional Movement Systems, Virginia, USA

Timing Gates

Speedtrap 2, Brower Timing Systems, Utah, USA
Website - Brower 

Smart Speed Timing Gates System, Fusion Sport, Coopers Plains, Australia

Strength and Power

Concept 2 Dynomometer, Concept 2 Inc, Vermont, USA
User Manual 

Website - Concept 2
Strength Norms Under 18s 

Grip Strength Dynamometer T.K.K. 5001 Grip-A, Takei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., Japan 
Website - Takei Scientific 

Back Strength Dynamometer T.K.K. 5002 Back-A, Takei Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., Japan
Website - Takei Scientific 

Jump mat – Just Jump!, Probiotics Inc., Alabama, USA 
Website - Probiotics 

Smart Speed, Smart Jump System, Fusion Sport, Coopers Plains, Australia 

Biomechanics Equipment


Fitrodyne Power Testing System, Fitronic, Bratislava, Slovakia

Humac Norm Isokinetic Dynamometer, CSMI, Massachusetts , USA (follow this link for more on isokinetics)


Biometrics EMG Sensor with W4X8 DataLOG, Biometrics Ltd, Gwent, UK
Software – Biometrics DataLOG version 7.5, Biometrics Ltd, Gwent, UK 

Force Plate

Portable Multi-component Force Plate, Model 9286BA, Kistler Instruments Ltd., Hampshire, UK
Software – Bioware, Version 4.1, Kistler Instruments Ltd., Hampshire, UK 

Motion Capture

Software – Qualisys Track Manager, Qualisys AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Cameras – ProRelex MCU240Hz, Qualisys AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Video Analysis

Software – Quintic Biomechanics 9.03, Version 21, Quintic Consultancy Limited, Coventry, UK

Video Cameras
Sony Handycam DCR-HC62E, Sony Electronic Inc., California, USA 

Sony Handycam HDR-HC3E, Sony Electronic Inc., California, USA

Canon Legria HF R306, Canon Inc., Tokyo, Japan 

Psychology Equipment

Groove Type Steadiness Tester, Model 32010, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA 

Mirror Tracer, Model 31010, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA
Mirror Tracer User Manual 

Modified Bassin Anticipation Timer, Model 35580, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA 

Multifunction Timer/Counter, Model 54035A, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA

Purdue Pegboard, Model 32020, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA
Purdue pegboard User manual 

Pyramid Puzzle Burmese, Model 20013, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA 

Stability Platform, Model 16020, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA

Visual Choice Reaction Time Apparatus, Model 63035A, Lafayette Instrument, Indiana, USA

Reaction wall, Batak pro, Quotronics Ltd, Surry, UK

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