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New posts in S&C History

posted Jan 23, 2012, 4:39 AM by Ben Jane

In the S&C section of this website there is a page on the History of S&C and I have just added to the page with the following links..


Milo of Crotona – (6th Century BC)

First recorded example of progressive resistance training when he lifted a calf every day for four years.



Dr Dudley Sargent – (1849-1924)

Pioneer of fitness testing.



Louis Cyr - (1863-1912)

4337lb back lift and a horse pull from the canadian strongman.

[wikipedia] []


Louis Uni (1862-1928)

The Great Apollon, a French circus strongman that regularly used wide grip bars and gives his name to the Apollon Axle.


George Hackenschmidt (1877-1968)

The Russian Lion, a strongman and wrestler that gave his name to the Hack Squat

[wikipedia] []


Henry “Milo” Steinbourn (1894-1989)

Devised the prototype for modern revolving olympic bars.



Thomas Inch (1881-1963)

“Britains strongest youth” and gave his name to the Thomas Inch Replica Dumbell.



Bob Hoffman (1898-1985)

Formed the York Barbell Company and published many books.