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Ipad Apps for sport & fitness

posted Apr 16, 2012, 2:27 AM by Ben Jane   [ updated Aug 21, 2012, 1:18 PM ]
Recently I finally gave in to an ipad. One of the main reasons for getting one has been to access a number of the apps that can be used in the area of sport, exercise, coaching and education. In my search for these apps I've found a number that I thought would be worth posting here..
Ubersense (formerly Excelade) - Free video analysis app - Click here
Strava - GPS tracking for cycling and running. Compete against others in segments of the route  Click here
Bust A Move - video delay playback. Click here
Myfitnesspal - track calories and nutritional breakdown of food consumed (inc barcode scanner) Click here
Vyclone - multiple cameras film a scene from multiple angles then stitches it together - Click here
Video in video - insert a movie into another movie screen ,great potential for modelling - click here
Liza - Measure power and speed of movement in jumping and weightlifting - Click here
Vernier Video Physics - A motion analyser - Click here
Vital Signs Camera - Contactless measurement of heart rate and breathing using an ipads camera - Click here
Speed Clock Video Radar - Use an iphone or ipad to point at a moving object and measure velocity - Click here
iMuscle - links exercise with muscles used - Click here
Cricket Coach Plus - A performance coaching tool for analysing video - Click here
Kinovea - explore, study or comment on performance videos (not on ipads yet) - Click here
DK The Human Body - A number of anatomical systems displayed that can be explored - Click here
For loads more ideas try