Exercise Programming

This page is designed to support students that are working on their ability to produce effective exercise programmes for either sports performance or health reasons.

There are a number of templates and examples that can be used depending on the needs of the client and the phase of the planning process that's being addressed.

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Template No.1: 4 wk, x3/wk, Resistance Training Template (with graphics)

Template No.2: 4 wk, x3/wk, Resistance Training Template (with dropdowns)

Template No.3: 52 wk Annual Training Programme Overview

Template No.4: 4 wk Basic Training Programme Overview

Recommended Online Resources

ExRx.net - A directory of exercises with videos and coaching points

6 Simple Steps to Building Beginner Workout Programs

Key Reading (Journals)

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Key Reading (Textbooks)

Hoffman, J. (Ed) (2012) NSCAs Guide to program design. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics

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Relevant Learning Resources & Literature

Physical Activity Guidelines - This page contains evidence and links that underpin health related physical activity guidelines.

Needs Analysis in Sports Performance - Information on how to evaluate a sport or assess an athlete prior to writing an exercise programme for them

Resistance Training Programme Design & Periodisation - Information on manipulation of the key training variables in a single session and then how this can be effectively progressed over time

Mechanisms of Hypertrophy - An understanding of the way in which muscles adapt with exercise will help underpin any resistance based programme.

Chronic exercise-induced cardiovascular adaptations - An explanation of how the body makes changes in the central and peripheral cardiovascular system as a result of increased levels of activity.

Training the core - For health, performance or rehab an understanding of how to train the core musculature is often needed

Strength & Conditioning - Many more pages of different aspects of S&C 

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