Fitness Assessments

The following page contains links and references for a number of tests used to assess fitness.
Measuring Physical Activity
  • Centre for Disease Control and Prevention [ click here to go to website]
Chester Step Test
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  • J P Buckley, J Sim, R G Eston, R Hession, R Fox, Reliability and validity of measures taken during the Chester step test to predict aerobic power and to prescribe aerobic exercise. Br J Sports Med 2004;38:197–205.
  • Sykes K and Roberts A, The Chester step test—a simple yet effective tool for the prediction of aerobic capacity, Physiotherapy, Volume 90, Issue 4, December 2004, Pages 183-188
Anaerobic Power
  • Bar-Or, O. (1987). The Wingate anaerobic test an update on methodology, reliability and validity. Sports Medicine4(6), 381-394.[abstract]
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  • Noordhof, D. A., de Koning, J. J., & Foster, C. (2010). The Maximal Accumulated Oxygen Deficit Method. Sports Med40(4), 285-302.[abstract]
Further Reading
Hoffman, J. (2006) Norms for fitness, performance and health. Champaign, IL: HUman Kinetics [google books]